Jag har inspirerats av den sköra äggformen i många år och möjligheten att variera dekor, struktur och uttryck är så stor.

Det är så härligt med symboliken och alla associationer. Det hemliga, barndomsminnen kring förväntan, ursprungets magi…

I have made ceramic eggs in many years. The original shape and the possibility to vary the decoration and the expression are inspirating. The egg creates many thoughts… secrets, memories of childhood and magic…

What is your association…?

Happy Easter!

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Anonym sa...
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Christine sa...

Wow (igen:-) Jeg taber næse og mund hver gang jeg er her:))) Hvor er de fantastiske. De prikkede er helt vidunderlige, og jeg elsker bogstaver, så jeg taber helt pusten ved dét du har stemplet i:)) Rigtig glædelig påske, jeg håber du får nogle dejlige dage. Varme hilsener

mansuetude sa...

i love love these. the hand made egg in the earth made nest! a union.

i had a project with putting eggs around town with poems inside them... i wrote a lot about what it means to me.

the truth is, an egg is so thin and frail, yet a sun lives inside it, encoded with everything... the possibilities of birth, of the miracle that from things we can not see (insiminations) a living thing (of any kind) grows and makes feathers and bones and eyes and a heart and has one purpose. To be itself, to offer what it is, to love.

how magical is that! everyday, a life; grows out of an egg of some kind! us. with all that "us" has inside, too!

:) Easter blessings to you!

asphaltandair sa...

oh! what fine speckled eggs!
the nest is also wonderful.

the egg - a safe place to be warm, to grow, to be protected, to prepare for life.

i, too, sometimes feel like i would like to wrap myself in an eggshell to take some time to develop and then to peck my way out - and be something NEW!

Sandra Evertson sa...

Love the speckled eggs!
A very Merry Easter to you and yours!
Sandra Evertson

Camilla Engman sa...

Är lite för trött för att associera, men känslan är definitivt positiv! Ha en fin påsk.

knick knack sa...

Jag associerar till små leopardungar som kommer att kläckas ur de prickiga äggen!

Sylvia sa...

Marie-Louise! Är på din fina blogg igen! Äggen är underbara!

GLAD PÅSK! Och kram från

jamjar sa...

These are wonderful, nests and eggs mean hidden secrets in the hedgerow to me, the arrival of spring. Happy Easter.

Maria sa...

glad påsk! jättefina ägg du har gjort, de prickiga gillar jag speciellt mycket.

liliana_lourenco sa...

Hi Marie Louise!

Well my english is terrible so I can’t never say what I really want to say about your works. But I will try today:

I think your works are better than great.
I really admire the things you can do with ceramic.. Its different and nice because I’m not use to see this kind of works, so original, with ceramic.

Your blog is very, very cool!

So, that's it for today!
:p :p :p

Have a nice Easter with a lot's of eggs! :) **


Esti sa...

So many things beautifully said about your eggs and work... I can't agree more. I like your blog, and it's one of the reasons I'm enjoying blogging so much. Thanks for it.
Happy Easter!

Maria sa...

Gillar påskäggen med ord!

gracia sa...

These are wonderful... for me, eggs, such as these, come wrapped in childhood memories.

I hope you had a lovely Easter with your dear ones.

natascha sa...

Hmmmm association? I think chocolate and tortilla de patatas. (I'm always so hungry!)