I am still in Oslo, this town - small and big at the same time.

The new Opera house is fantastic.
So white and the sun glittering in the water.

It feels as a summer paradise, people take a break and lay down .

Inside - a peaceful and a spiritual feeling.

"The other wall" made by Olafur Eliasson (my brother works in his studio, and I always want to tell it because I am so proud over him).

Foundation stone", Linus Elmes and Ludvig Löfgren

Another place - in these stairs my darling is walking up and down every day.

After work I see him at Pascal, drinking coffee and talk.
And tomorrow I go back to Uppsala and everyday life...

9 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Underbara bilder!!

natascha sa...

Thank you for this wonderful pictures so I can see something about Oslo. The Opera looks great...and waht a good weather!
From the beautiful pictures we can feel taht you have a great time there!
Ah! And you can be of course, very proud of your brother!

EVA sa...

I love this pictures!
I´d like stay here

FruensWerk sa...

SO so nice and great photos...:D

Cecilia Levy sa...

den trappan skulle jag också kunna tänka mig att gå i dagligen – fantastisk!

Esti sa...

All that blue and white in your pics, it has such a joyful feeling... And your drawings, so personal and touching!

Christine sa...

Disse billedserier er FANTASTISKE! Jeg er helt vild med den måde - og de ting - du tegner på billederne. Fotoet af trappen er fuldstændig vidunderligt. Jeg håber du får lavet en "rigtig" kopi til indramning og ophængning. Det er så smukt.
Skønne billeder fra sejlturen også:))) Jeg håber du har haft en dejlig tur. xo/C

liliana_lourenco sa...

Nice pictures and nice combinations of pictures and your ilustration! :)
So cute! :) :)

Have fun! :)


mushroommeadows sa...

these pictures are just so sweet!