You have already met several of them

I work on with my “buddys”, small dogs, children, rabbits and others.
It’s hard to find the right way… but it is an interesting time when working without knowing the results.
Now I look forward for a soft and relaxing weekend with the family.
Happy Easter everyone, see you more next week!

5 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Gillar dem!!

Glad påsk!

Cecilia Boivie sa...

Dina bilder är som en dröm, fint! Ha en glad påsk, du oxå!!!

●• Tiny Red sa...

happy easter to you Marie-Louise!
have lots of chocolate :)

Esti sa...

Ity looks like you are having fun with colors and all.
Happy easter! I hope you have a week full of chocolate!

Natascha Rosenberg sa...

Lovely! Love the bunny with balloon!