Lust och ro och att skapa sin egen verklighet. Man håller fortfarande på, det är inte riktigt klart än, man får se vad det blir, senare…

Att man ”glömmer bort sig” och försvinner in i bilden eller leran.
Önsketid för barn, unga och vuxna!

Maria taggade mig ” visa din arbetsplats”, vanligtvis jobbar jag i min keramikverkstad men har fortfarande paus och grejar mest med papper, så här stökigt är det då!

Peace and quiet and about creating your own reality.

One is still doing, it is not quite completed yet, one has to wait and see what it becomes … later... That one ”forgets oneself” and disappears in the picture or the clay. “Wishing-time” for children, young people and adults.

Maria tags me” show your workplace”, normally I works in my ceramic studio but I have still pause and tinkers most with papers, sow here untidy is it then!

My daughter Fidelis paperdolls for Strindbergs "Dreamplay"

My daughter Emilias paperhouse and girls.

Lead's drawing ” friends in the outer space ”

9 kommentarer:

Tara Ross Studios sa...

Wonderful dolls. Nice to see your studio.


Cakespy sa...

I LOVE the friends in outer space! Too cute!

flora sa...

An artist family?? So amazing... I enjoy looking at your workspace and your daughters' paper dolls too! Also that little drawing is just adroable!!
xo :D

la casa a pois sa...

Hallo Marie-Louise !Thank you for coming in my blog! I love yours, your works are lovely and very artistic! And I'm really a fan of Sweden and Swedish artist!!!!
I hope we will keep in touch, i'll put your blog in my link!

gracia sa...

I enjoyed seeing a little of your work space... lovely.

Esti sa...

Your daughters paperdolls are great! Did they make them! So talented! The colours of the ones of top are amazingly mature.

As for your workspace, it's nice to see someone else's messy table. Thanks for sharing.

Maria sa...

kul att se var du jobbar för tillfället! tack för att du visade. sådär stökigt tror jag det ser ut för de flesta av oss...:)

din dotter är så otroligt duktig, hennes pappersdockor är såååå fina!

mansuetude sa...

lovely, lovely... i see you have also a lovely talented daughter, too. lucky you. :)

i love to read your writings. they surprise me and give me new thoughts.

liliana_lourenco sa...

Uau!!! So lovely!!! :) :)

When i was little i also use to make paperdolls but not sou much pretty as this one from your daughter! :)

Love your blog!

Do you give me the permission for add you on my links?

[Sorry for my english.. eheh!] **